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FY 2023 funding opportunities

VCU’s mission to serve students and patients is advanced through our commitment to shape the future through transformative innovation and improve the human condition by addressing the societal grand challenges as outlined within the One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan.  Since the launch of the research strategic plan in July 2021, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has entered a new research paradigm, driven by our culture of collaboration designed for the co-creation of knowledge and public impact

Further catalyzing the commitment of VCU, with the approval of the VCU Board of Visitors, President Michael Rao, Ph.D., has authorized the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) to invest in our second year of the six-year research strategic plan.  

Once again, the OVPRI, together with the One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan Advisory Council has designed new and continuing opportunities to serve as a catalyst for reaching our goal to improve the human condition by leveraging VCU’s unique strengths, student talents, and community engagement.  

Enriching the human experience, Achieving a just and equitable society, optimizing health, supporting sustainable energy and environments and culture of collaboration - graphicTogether, VCU will transform innovation as we achieve the goals and objectives under each one of our strategic priorities:

Strategic funds

Each of the following One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan FY 2023 Request for Applications (RFAs) outline the purpose, proposal requirements, deadlines and application processes: 

Strategic funds at-a-glance
While anticipated start dates are provided, actual funding dates are subject to change. No funding can ensue in anticipation of an award i.e. before PIs are notified of the actual award and funding start date.