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Bold. Creative. Ambitious.

VCU research flourishes by changing the game. We are highly creative and passionate about our community, with a great breadth of knowledge of multiple disciplines. We are nimble, responsive and focused on a future shaped by transformative innovation. Our research addresses societal grand challenges and tackles them with energized and engaged teams who seek to lead positive change in our community, our region and across the globe. We deliver bold, creative and ambitious solutions with global implications.

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Transforming innovation through a culture of collaboration

On July 1, 2021, VCU entered the first two-year phase of a university-wide, six-year One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan, making an initial investment to advance public impact research priorities and expand our infrastructure. VCU is uniquely positioned to make transdisciplinary breakthroughs by engaging with our surrounding innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, leading to profound impacts that reverberate across the region, state, nation and globe.

VCU invests in novel, collaborative, imaginative and inventive approaches under each of the five strategic initiatives: 

Enriching the human experience

Focus on innovation and ways to inform policy change through transdisciplinary knowledge creation, applications in technology and innovations in creative practice.

Klein - Virtual Reality

Achieving a just and equitable society

Develop a national model for transforming DEI research and scholarship into measurable, societally relevant outcomes.

RTR Teacher and students

Optimizing health

Harness our strengths in basic research, personalized medicine, public health and innovations in medicine to address health disparities that lead to optimized health for all.

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Supporting sustainable energy and environments

Bring about the convergence of technological innovation and sustainability to solve society’s critical energy and environmental problems.


Culture of collaboration

A foundation of bringing societal impact through a culture of collaboration transcends all other themes of our strategic plan. Collaborative projects drive innovation and discoveries that improve our community, our society and our world. We commit to improving the human condition through a culture of creativity, team science, collaborative research and recognition at VCU. This plan is for everyone in the university who is or could be involved with research, scholarship and creative practice.

Keen Abbatte - Culture of Collaboration