Optimizing health

We use trans-, multi-and interdisciplinary approaches at scales from molecules to populations in search of new ways to preserve and restore human health.

Lab technician looking at the camera, showing a small item

All One VCU Research strategic initiatives are supported by our common fundamental goal of a culture of collaboration.

Goal 1

Reduce the burden of disease and improve wellness through transformative basic, translational, clinical and population research.


  1. Create personalized treatments and interventions through a better understanding of biology, behaviors and environment.
  2. Reduce the burden of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality by achieving breakthroughs in cancer, neuroscience/addiction and cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.
  3. Advance health care from bench to bedside to community and back by improving the efficiency and efficacy of translational research through informed partnerships between researchers and clinicians.
  4. Advance new treatments and interventions by facilitating and increasing access to clinical trials, with a particular focus on trials that may assist diverse populations.

Goal 2

Improve health outcomes by leveraging emerging technologies, data science, machine learning and mathematical modeling.


  1. Discover relationships and patterns that benefit health by coordinating efforts in data sciences and artificial intelligence.
  2. Accelerate scientific progress by engaging stakeholders including community partners, ethicists, data managers and members of the data science consortium.

Goal 3

Generate new medications, biologic treatments, interventions, devices and vaccines by actualizing discoveries made at VCU.


  1. Develop, formulate and deliver novel drugs, vaccines and biologic treatments by enhancing our expertise in structural biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology and pharmaceutical engineering to decrease morbidity and mortality.
  2. Address unmet clinical needs and health challenges by developing innovative biological technologies and medical devices, combining clinical insights with advanced engineering, physical sciences and biological sciences.
  3. Ensure community engagement with and support of VCU health research and align VCU research with the most pressing community needs by fostering collaborations and sharing best practices with the community.