Supporting sustainable energy and environments

We create evidence-based solutions that contribute to a better future in a rapidly changing natural world.


All One VCU Research strategic initiatives are supported by our common fundamental goal of a culture of collaboration.

Goal 1

Advance renewable energy sources, energy saving, clean air and water resources, resilient natural systems and biodiversity through the research, development and application of novel, evidence-based solutions.


  1. Create a cross-disciplinary research collaborative to develop innovative products, tools, policies and processes that promote renewable energy, clean water and air resources and healthy ecosystems.
  2. Expand the impact of VCU’s environmental and energy assets to build new partnerships and expand existing environmental research relationships across disciplines.

Goal 2

Educate our communities and inform positive changes in environmental policy and practice at local, state and national scales by effectively translating and communicating our data and published scholarship.


Create objective, data-driven and evidence-based pathways for improved environmental literacy, understanding, knowledge and practice by engaging with our communities.

Goal 3

Create environmentally and economically sustainable materials, products, processes and infrastructure.


Accelerate the development of sustainable manufacturing materials and practices through collaborations among VCU experts and other academic, governmental and industry partners.